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papyrus bookmarks

papyrus bookmarks

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  • Hand made
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Archaeological replica
  • blank bookmarks
  • Measurements: 19x5cm approx.
  • Authentic Egyptian papyrus

*Remember that if you need more quantity, we have the pack of 25 bookmarks at a cheaper price, in the educational kits section.

Papyrus bookmarks.

The bookmarks are made with authentic Egyptian papyrus . They are cut to an ideal size to use with the transparent papyrus covers where you can store your creations without them being damaged. These bookmarks are sold individually. If you need more quantity, we recommend our pack of 25 bookmarks , at a cheaper price.

Why use papyrus bookmarks?

Papyrus bookmarks are an ideal tool for carrying out activities with your students. 90% of our clients use them in the Latin classroom to practice ancient calligraphy, whether Latin or Greek. They are ideal for customizing them to your liking and making drawings or symbols. It can be a fun activity to work with children. Try putting your name, logo or the drawing that you like the most.

Children will be able to touch with their hands the feel of an Egyptian papyrus, handcrafted like millennia ago.

They are an economical educational resource to teach your students how the ancient Romans wrote.

What do I need to write about bookmarks?

To write on the papyrus bookmarks , you can use ink, markers, waxes or temperas. We recommend our reed quills or one of our quill pens to write exactly as they did in ancient times.

Vita Romana recommends:

Have you thought that a personalized bookmark could be a great detail to give as a gift to your association, school or company. We can put your logo or a motivational phrase. Request a quote without obligation at

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Are there shipping costs?

Shipping is free from €49 , so if you don't reach that amount you can choose several options:

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