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Pvpa - Roman Doll

Pvpa - Roman Doll

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Reproduction of a Pvpa or Roman Doll, it is handmade in ceramic and fully articulated. Inspired by an ivory doll from the 4th century AD found in the Paleochristian Necropolis of Tarragona.

Measurements: 25 x 10 x 3 cm


Pvpa - Roman Doll

The first dolls that we know of were found in Egypt. They were very simple dolls made of rag. At any time they have been a highly appreciated toy among children since thanks to them, both boys and girls learn by imitating adults to dress them, comb their hair, wash them, etc.

The Greeks also had their own dolls and they were already beginning to be made of Terracotta, becoming increasingly sophisticated.

In ancient Rome, fully articulated Pvpae were manufactured, as in the case of this reproduction. The materials were diverse and, as always, depended on the status of each child. They were made of wood, ivory, bone or even amber. Most likely, they also continued to make rag dolls, but unfortunately none have survived. The Roman dolls were perfectly detailed. The Pvpae followed the hairstyle trends of each era, which really helped us classify them by era.

Tarragona, formerly known as Tarraco, was a crucial city in the Roman Empire and has left an invaluable cultural legacy.

This exceptional find transports us to daily life in Roman times and shows us how children of that time also delighted in endearing toys.

Without a doubt, a highly appreciated Pvpa or Roman doll for all lovers of the Roman world and collectors of ancient dolls.

This Roman doll is not only a stunning decorative object, but also has great educational value . By purchasing this piece, history buffs and curious students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the ancient Roman Empire.

  1. Connection to History: The doll is an authentic representation of what the toys used by Roman children were like more than two thousand years ago. This tangible connection to the past offers a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the life and culture of the time.
  2. Interactive Teaching: The Roman Doll of Tarragona replica is ideal for educators and parents interested in providing a fun educational approach. By exploring and playing with this doll, children can learn about the clothing, fashion and society of ancient Rome, which will enrich their historical understanding in a playful way.
  3. Inspires the Imagination: Like a treasure from the past, this historical doll will stimulate the imagination of the little ones and transport them to a distant time. Encouraging creativity and imaginative play through this replica is an exciting way to learn while having fun.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marta Guxens I Franch
PVPA Romana especular

Tal y como sale en las fotos, es espectacular. Una replica idéntica.

Estel-la Gili
Pupa (muñeca romana)

Una preciosidad. Cuidada al detalle. Hacia tiempo que iba detrás de una, vale su precio. Me ha llegado perfecta en una cajita bien protegida.