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Black wax tablet 9 x 14 cm

Black wax tablet 9 x 14 cm

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  • Hand made
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Archaeological replica
  • Simple black wax tablet
  • Measurements: 9 x 14 x 0.8 cm
  • Includes cotton bag

Roman Wax Tablet

Write like a true Roman!

Immerse yourself in the history and sophistication of ancient Rome with our authentic Roman Wax Tablet! This fascinating artifact, also known as Tabula cerata, It allows you to experience the way the Romans used to write and preserve their important thoughts, notes and messages. With a meticulously recreated design, our wax tablet is both a piece of history and a functional accessory.

Features and Benefits:

Superior Quality Materials: Our Roman wax tablet is made with the best materials, following traditional artisan techniques. High-quality beech wood provides a solid and sturdy base, while real beeswax covers the writing surface, allowing for smooth, long-lasting writing.

Authentic Design: We have meticulously recreated the design of the tabulae ceratae used in ancient Rome to ensure historical authenticity.

Reusable and Sustainable: Unlike paper, our Roman tabula cerata offers the advantage of being reusable. Once you have written your messages, notes or drawings on the wax surface, you can simply erase them gently with the flat tip of a stylus. This way, you can enjoy a long-lasting and sustainable experience.

Ideal for Collectors and History Enthusiasts: If you are passionate about Roman history or a collector of ancient artifacts, this wax tablet is a true treasure. In addition to its aesthetic value, it also represents a tangible connection with the past and allows you to experience how the Romans expressed their thoughts and communicated their ideas.

Versatility and Portability: The Roman wax tablet is easy to carry due to its compact size and light weight. You can take it with you anywhere thanks to the cotton bag (which is also included) which allows you to write or draw any time you want. It is ideal for students, artists, or those who simply want to enjoy a unique writing experience.

Technical specifications:

Material: High quality wood and real beeswax. Black pigment.

Dimensions: 14cm (length) x 9cm (width) x 0.8cm (thickness).

Weight: Approximately 110 grams.

Includes: Roman wax tablet and cotton bag.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each slat may have slight variations in design and finish, adding a unique charm to each piece.

Relive the history and magic of ancient Rome with our Roman Wax Tablet! Add a touch of history to your daily life and discover the pleasure of writing and erasing as the Romans did. Order now and bring this piece of history home today!

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