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Triple Roman contract tablet 23 x 14 cm

Triple Roman contract tablet 23 x 14 cm

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  • Hand made
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Archaeological replica

Replica of a triptych contract tablet

  • A replica of the Rottweil contracts that is faithful to the original
  • Boards made from beech wood
  • Copies of the original stamps
  • 23.50 × 14.50 × 0.50 cm in dimensions

Roman contract tablets were small pieces of wood, where commercial, legal or financial agreements were inscribed in Ancient Rome. These tablets were used in place of paper documents, as writing on papyrus or parchment was less common for this purpose.

To seal a contract tablet, sealing wax was melted and poured onto the surface where two parts of the document were joined or where the tablet was closed. An engraved seal (often with the name or symbol of the individual or entity) was then pressed into the still-hot sealing wax, leaving a distinctive mark. Wax seals were placed by the parties participating in the agreement or contract. In some cases, witnesses or authority figures may also be involved to validate the document.

Wax seals not only served as a method of closure, but also as a form of identification and authentication. The mark left by the wax seal indicated the authorship of the document and ensured that it had not been altered after it was sealed.

History of the Rottweil contract tablets

The Rottweil wax tablets are a specific example of these contract tablets used in Ancient Rome. Rottweil, a town in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, is known for having preserved a series of these wax tablets dating back to the 1st century AD. These tablets offer a unique window into the commercial and legal life of the time in that region. .

What is notable about the Rottweil wax tablets is that some of them are quite well preserved, which has allowed historians to study in detail the contracts, agreements, and other legal and commercial aspects of Roman life in that specific area. These documents provide information about business transactions, property, loans, and other legal matters that were common in Roman society of that period.

In short, the Rottweil wax tablets are a historical treasure that offers a unique perspective on daily life, business, and law in Ancient Rome, especially in the context of that particular region.

Main characteristics of the Rottweil contract tablets:

  • Authenticity Assured: Each tablet is a faithful replica of these contract tablets. They are also a real testimony of Roman life, which have provided us with valuable information about commercial transactions, property and legal matters.
  • Detail and Conservation: These tablets stood the test of time allowing historians and archaeologists to explore every detail and marks left in the wax.
  • Direct connection to History: These contract tablets are ideal for collectors, educators or history lovers. Without a doubt one of the most important tablets of the Roman era.

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