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Black Scriba Ink

Black Scriba Ink

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  • Hand made
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Archaeological replica

Large ink bottle for work on papyrus or other media.

  • Quantity 60ml approx.
  • Glass jar
  • Sealed cork stopper with a seal.
  • Quality Indian ink.
  • Ideal for workshops or large groups

* It is recommended to shake or stir before use.

Let yourself be carried away by art and writing with our incredible Black Scriba Ink! This bottle of ink, with a generous 50 ml quantity, is made with those who love to write and create on paper or papyrus in mind.

Key Features:

  • A Large 60ml Jar : This glass jar contains around 60ml of premium ink. With this amount, you can unleash your creativity in various creative projects or simply practice old-fashioned writing.
  • Stylish Glass Bottle : The bottle is made of resistant and transparent glass. It not only protects the quality of the ink, but also adds an elegant touch to your creative corner.
  • Spill-Proof Cork Stopper with Seal : We have taken care of every detail, and the cork stopper with a sealing wax seal ensures that the ink stays fresh and spill-free. In addition, the seal gives an authentic and special touch to each bottle.
  • Premium Black Ink : Our Black Scriba Ink is a high-quality Indian ink, renowned for its intensity and durability. Its deep black color is very resistant and your creations will remain intact over time. Suitable for use with nibs or quills or fountain pens.
  • Perfect for Workshops and Large Groups : This bottle of ink is ideal for creative workshops, writing workshops, calligraphy workshops or even for artistic projects. Its larger capacity ensures that everyone has enough ink for their creative ideas.

Whether you're capturing masterpieces on papyrus, writing with style using nibs, or exploring the world of calligraphy, our Black Scriba Ink is the perfect choice. Add a touch of elegance to your projects and let your creativity flow with this fabulous Scriba ink.

Don't waste any more time and place your order right now! Discover the difference that Black Scriba Ink can make in your works of art and writing.

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