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Tintinabulum Gladiator

Tintinabulum Gladiator

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Small terracotta bell representing a Thracian gladiator.

Inspired by a Roman piece found in Cádiz (Spain)

Measurements: Maximum diameter 5.0 cm, height 10.5 cm.

In ancient Rome, a tintinnabulum (or also tintinnum) was a wind chime or set of bells. They had multiple functions. Some of them were related to magical ceremonies, such as driving away demons, warding off hail, predicting luck, and relieving labor pains, among others.

The tintinnabulum also acted as a door amulet. They were hung near the thresholds of a shop or house, under the peristyles (around the inner courtyard or garden) next to the room, or the venereum, where the wind made them tinkle. They were also made to ring like bells, by tying a series of them to a rope attached to a bell pull.

It is the figure of a Thracian gladiator, with a helmet, square shield and short sword with a curved blade, typical of the Thracian gladiator.

This bell is inspired by a Roman piece found in Cádiz (Spain) from the 1st century AD. It is presented in a cardboard box, hand-painted, and accompanied by an explanation. Our reproduction is fully functional. The figurine can move its legs and makes a soft sound.

*It can be a great gift for Roman Empire fans, archaeologists or to hang on the Christmas tree.

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Preciosa réplica del original histórico

Preciosa réplica del original histórico. Me ha gustado mucho.