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Roman globular unguentary

Roman globular unguentary

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  • Hand made
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Archaeological replica

Roman ceramic unguent jar with globular reservoir


  • Large: 11cm high x 6cm wide.
  • Small: 8cm high x 4-5cm wide

Attention: As this is a handmade product, the measurements are not exact and may change slightly. Colors may vary from piece to piece and be lighter or darker depending on the firing process.

Globular Roman unguentary

Roman ceramic unguentary, piriform type with globular-piriform deposit with a long and vertical neck that is separated from the rest of the body by a strangulation. Exvased edge.

What were ointments?

Ointment jars, from the Latin Unguentarium, were small ceramic or glass containers that were used to contain ointments or liquids intended for cosmetic or pharmaceutical purposes. The most widespread use in Roman times was to store perfumes, although they were also used in funerary rituals. Many remains of these small vessels have been found since due to their manufacturing material, they were quite economical for the entire population. Something that did not happen with glass ointment jars, which were much more expensive and delicate.

Without a doubt a very useful and versatile container even today.

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